“Our Biggest Challenge is Growth”

#NativeAdSecrets: Do you only have a minute? Get a quick take on the future of native advertising according to one of the world’s leading native advertising specialists.
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What is the secret to good native advertising? What is the biggest challenge for native advertising? What is the future of native advertising?

We ask the world’s leading native advertising specialists in our short form video series #NativeAdSecrets which was recorded at Native Advertising DAYS 2016. Read more about this year’s conference.

Today with Ilia Krasilshchik who launched Meduza, a Russian language web news outlet based in Riga, Latvia. In this longer interview, he explains the companies journey to becoming a Russian leader in native advertising.

The monthly readership of Meduza is more than 5.6 million unique visitors, with 500,000 app downloads and more than 1,000,000 followers on social media.

The secret to good native advertising…
“To tell a story. That is the main secret of native advertising. I understand that this is easy to say and hard to do, but if you don’t have a story you will fail because some creative briefs from the advertisers can be really stupid, but you still need to find the story.

Then you need to go to to the client — and this is the trickiest part — and explain why you need to tell the story in a certain way. You need to be on the clients’ side, but also you need to be on the readers’ side because native advertising should be interesting for your readers, and the only interesting thing is a great story. Nothing else.”

 The success is a problem sometimes.

The biggest challenge for native advertising…
“The biggest challenge for us right now is growth. Native advertising is about making content and you need to have arms and brains to make this content. When you have a lot of projects, you need to hire
more people, so you need to spend more money for these people, but you can’t make too much native content because if 50 percent of your media is advertising, it’s impossible. So you need to make more editorial content. To do that, you need to spend more money on the editorial side.

It’s a circle you need to every minute, every hour, every month to think about how much money you earn and how much money you spend. So the success is a problem sometimes.”

The future of native advertising…
“I don’t know what the future of native advertising is. Actually, I don’t care what the future of native advertising is because the media business is not about theory at all, it’s only about practice.

You need to experiment every day. There are dozens of speakers [at Native Advertising DAYS] but nobody knows what will happen next. No good things come from surveys, from researchers. Every good thing comes from experiments. You don’t know what the future holds and this is the best thing in our business; you never know.”


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