“Native Advertising Forces You to Bring Value Through Your Content”

#NativeAdSecrets: Do you only have a minute? Get a quick take on the future of native advertising according to one of the world’s leading native advertising specialists.
Native Facebook Content

What is the secret to good native advertising? What is the biggest challenge for native advertising? What is the future of native advertising?

We ask the world’s leading native advertising specialists in our short form video series #NativeAdSecrets which was recorded at Native Advertising DAYS 2016.

Today with Eric Fulwiler, Vice President, Account Strategy at VaynerMedia London who will be speaking at this year’s Native Advertising DAYS. Read more about our upcoming conference.

If you want more, see or read a full interview with Eric Fulwiler here where he explains ‘How to Create Native Facebook Content That Drives Business Results‘.

The secret to good native advertising…
“The secret to good native advertising is thinking about content from a consumer perspective. So, instead of you as a brand or a business or a publisher coming up with the content based on what you want it to do, think about the consumer first, think about your audience and how you can provide value to them with the content that you’re creating. It’s good native advertising, but it’s just good advertising.

If you create content that brings value to people, they’re going to spend more time on it, right? They’re going to be more impacted by it and it’s going to drive your business results so I think that is one of the secrets to good native advertising.

It was timely, it was a video that was optimized for mobile, and it brought value to the audience.

We do a lot of really good work for Budweiser in the United States out of our office in New York. One example of good native advertising is something that we did for the World Series, the baseball championship when the Chicago Cubs won it for the first time in over a hundred years, we actually created a video that spliced together audio from the announcer, from the famous announcer of the Cubs, we shot it overnight, stitched together with shots of everybody celebrating and then put it out the next morning.

So it was timely, it was a video that was optimized for mobile, which is another big key to this, and it was something that brought value to the audience of Chicago and was relevant to everybody in the United States.”

The biggest challenge for native advertising…
“The biggest challenge to native advertising right now is how quickly everything is changing, so we do not have the luxury of having these conversations at conferences like this, going out building a plan, putting it in place, evolving it, letting it sit for a year or two years.

Planning is everything but plans mean nothing.

Everything is constantly changing and everyone needs to be adapting to the marketplace on a daily basis so you know planning is everything but plans mean nothing, so I think that’s a big challenge that is really hard for people to wrap their heads around but so important to success.”

The future of native advertising…
“The future of native advertising is something that we’re really bullish on. Again, we really believe that native advertising is just a form of good advertising because it forces you to bring value through your content. You don’t have a captive audience that you’re buying, that you’re renting, that you can just serve up whatever you want to them, so we think native advertising is a term that maybe starts to go away when the attention environment, changes so that everyone has to do native advertising.

We think native advertising is going to grow, we think that it’s going to bring better standards creatively, media-wise to the industry as a whole.”



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