Rickard Lawson

Head of Publisher Relations at Strossle Norway

Rickard Lawson

Head of Publisher Relations at Strossle Norway


Rickard Lawson is Head of Publisher Relations at Strossle.

He is a business developer with long experience in the media industry. He’s successfully helped launch companies in the Nordics working with brands such as Discovery Channel, Red Bull and Getty Images before joining Strossle and developing Norway as the first market outside Sweden. He’s a sought after speaker with insightful knowledge about the future of media companies, marketing and the role of technology.

When not out fishing or skiing the backcountry of the Norwegian Mountains Rickard is often seen at conferences and seminars, on panels and in print talking about how companies can build a sustainable future, how understanding millennials is the key to future growth and why the dawn of Artificial Intelligence and robots is an opportunity – not a threat.

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