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Open for Entries on March 27, 2017

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What is Native Advertising Awards?

The Native Advertising Awards is presented by The Native Advertising Institute. The Native Advertising Awards aim to acknowledge and reward great native advertising and promote inspiring, effective and creative work that helps organizations worldwide achieve their goals and tell great brand stories in a non-disruptive way.

The Native Advertising Awards include 29 categories under the themes: organization, strategy, channels and formats. The Native Advertising Awards honor print and digital native advertising and is the largest international award program dedicated to native advertising.


The Native Advertising Awards is open to all media companies, brands, organizations, companies, agencies and studios engaged in producing native advertising. All entries must include work created and/or published in 2016.

We accept entries that originate from any country in the world.

NB. Please note that sponsors of the Native Advertising Awards are not eligible in categories they sponsor.

Award Categories



Native Advertising Agency/Studio of the Year (under 20)

Awarded to the small native ad agency/studio that has done a prestigious job creating great native advertising projects – projects that can serve as an inspiration for the entire industry.

The jury looks at the agency’s projects and overall performance over the past year, the creativity that went into the campaigns and the innovation that can act as a beacon of inspiration.

To be eligible for this award, the Agency/Studio has to submit work in at least one more category

Native Advertising Agency/Studio of the Year (over 20)

Awarded to the large native ad agency/studio that has done a prestigious job creating great native advertising projects – projects that can serve as an inspiration for the entire industry.

The jury look at the agency’s projects and overall performance over the past year, the creativity that went into the campaigns and the innovation that can act as a beacon of inspiration.

To be eligible for this award, the Agency/Studio has to submit work in at least one more category

Native Advertising Marketer of the Year

We’re looking for the no.1 native advertising professional out there right now.

The one marketer who has proven that native advertising is here to stay, who has a rare set of skills that illuminates the potential in native advertising discipline, and has delivered results to brag about.

This person is the one to watch and the one to beat, when it comes to creating native advertising like no other.

Brand of the Year

Did your brand shine bright by means of native advertising this year?
We’re looking for a brand that has understood the importance of being non-disruptive and relevant in their marketing efforts on paid platforms.

The jury looks at the brand’s overall performance over the past year, the creativity that went into the branding as well as the relevancy of the efforts – and it takes an even closer look at the business results that came from your native advertising activities.

Programmatic Platform/Network of the Year

Are you the programmatic platform that is doing a slightly better job in terms of delivering scalability and results for its customers? THE platform that delivers the best service and quality, and overall value for money?

If you are thinking ‘well that’s a no-brainer” on this one, the next step is easy… go submit your entry.

Native Advertising Platform/Network of the Year

Not all platforms are built equally. And some may be more accessible, more service-minded, more data-oriented, and more easily-integrated than others.

The jury looks at who has done an extra good job this year, bringing customers on board and keeping them happy by delivering results that are reflected in an exponential increase when it comes to marketing monetization.


Best Native Advertising Strategy

The award will go to the bullet proof native advertising strategy that excel on all parameters. From the creative and innovative production to the execution, distribution and promotion of the whole shebang. Not to forget the ROI – a pretty strategy is not enough, you have to be able to show that it was worth the investment.

Most effective Native Advertising Campaign

WARNING: Math ahead!
This award goes to a native advertising campaign with a business case so smoking hot and ROI numbers so enviable that the effectiveness holds true legacy potential.

Most creative Native Advertising Campaign

This is a call for all the wonderful native creatives and their best work.

We’re looking for sophisticated commercial beauty, innovation to die for and mad creative mindsets brought to life in a one-of-a-kind campaign that makes everything else fade away compared to this master stroke.

Best integrated Program (Omni-channel integration)

Were you courageous enough to integrate more than one channel in your native advertising mix? And did you manage to leverage your omni-channel program with a great result?

We’re looking for the best and boldest program out there that managed to make it all come together.

Best Mobile Strategy

Are you the proud owner of a non-intrusive mobile strategy that has resulted in high performance and an elegant adaptation of the opportunities of mobile.

If so, you should own this category.


Best Use of Programmatic

Are you the proud owner of a programmatic campaign that not only stood out in terms of creative content, but also excelled in terms of scalability and ROI?

If you are, your campaign could be a few clicks away from earning this prestigious title.

Best Use of Influencer

Some people have had great success building an audience on earned and owned media. And their audience could be leveraged by the right match of brand without seeming disruptive. You are that brand, and your influencer strategy was so successful that it calls for a nomination.

Best Use of Slideshare

You took a chance on Slideshare and brought this channel into your scheme of content distribution and promotion. And your bold move exceeded even your own expectations and proved the business case of this native ad campaign BIG TIME.

Here’s your chance to brag about it. Please do so!

Best Use of LinkedIn

Did you choose to use LinkedIn as a prominent part of your native advertising strategy? And did your choice of channel turn out to be a great success?

Tell us what you did, how you went about it, and the outcome.

Best Use of Facebook

Share your best Facebook campaign with us – the campaign that was so creative, so innovative, so beautiful and so engaging that it left you AND your Facebook audience with your arms raised in triumph.

Best Use of Instagram

Have you run a campaign on Instagram that was so creative, so picture-perfect and so engaging that it is worth premiering with more than a high five?
Your tasteful use of Instagram could be what’s earning you an award as this year’s best use of Instagram.

Best Use of Twitter

Did Twitter play a prominent role in your native advertising campaign, and did your creativity prove succesful in this channel?

Tell us what you did. What creative ideas and manpower were behind it, what was the output and in what way was it worth your while.

Best Use of YouTube

Was YouTube your preferred channel of choice for native advertising in one of your recent campaigns and did you have success with killer content on this channel that added value to the brand in question? Natively speaking of course!

Let’s dive into your choice of channel, creative execution and ROI and see if that will earn you the award as the best use of YouTube this year.

Best Use of Print Media

Did you rock print media with your native advertising this year? Did you produce a piece so brilliant that the readers applauded it in a way that led to a closer brand-customer relationship? A piece so original, innovative and relevant that it may earn you the title as true print native ad pioneer.

You got the piece to brag about – we got the jury. Bring it on!

Best Use of AFP Broadcast

Moving pictures… and stories on screen. You brought your content ideas to broadcast and told stories so engaging that the viewer numbers and business results left no doubt about your success.

Best Use of Online Media

To click or not to click, that is the question.

Isyour online native advertising strong enough to intrigue online media users, relevant enough to get them hooked, and informative enough to even make them consume it through-and-through and share it around to their own peers?

If your native ad case encompasses an extraordinary audience experience, our jury is eager to take a closer look at it.

Best Use of AFP Web TV

Are you rocking web TV like no other with AFP content so relevant, informative and innovative that the audience kept coming back for more and maybe even subscribed to the channel because of you?

And did you succeed in leveraging your native advertising efforts to meet important KPIs for the marketing strategy in question?

If you are nodding away, you should submit your work and have the chance to win the award for the best use AFP Web TV.

Best Use of Podcast

Have you taken on native advertising in the podcast medium and did you live to tell about it? I loved the disruptive listening experience… said no one ever!
So if you are the proud owner of a case of smooth native ad integration in a podcast that proved both relevant and effective, you should apply for this category.


Best Use of Infographic

Often, infographics make stats, facts and figures go down more smoothly and it can be a helpful choice of format to make complex and abstract topics more digestible and concrete.

And you managed to do just that this year. You made an infographic that did the trick – made complex matters seem more simple, and brought a better general understanding of an abstract matter to more people through beautiful graphic art.

Best use of video

Did you manage to produce and distribute video content that was so good that you are still riding the waves from your paid media efforts? Tell us how you managed to engage users and pulled of a great success story for future native advertising playbooks.

Best use of text

Sometimes carefully chosen words, sentences and storylines are all it takes to win over an audience. And copywriting is an art in itself.

If your pen worked wonders in a published article in a print and/or digital media and you managed to captivate, engage and excite your readers with your story, your work deserves to be honoured.

Best use of audio

Do you master audio as a means of getting your message across in a native way. Are the listeners actually listening to you – and do they keep listening?

Did you manage to rock the audio format in a way that left people wanting more of you, talk about you and engage with you in ways that has had a positive effect on your business? Tell us about it!

Best series of sponsored articles

You made not one… but several articles that took the reader on a journey of amazing storytelling built on topics and themes with a commercial destination in mind – yet you delivered content so informative, so relevant and so entertaining that the reader did not mind reading your content as a part of their consumption of editorial content.

Entry Rules


Entry Fees and Payment 

  • Entrants pay €195 per entry. Entry deadline for 2017 is TBD

Your entries are considered PENDING, and will not be eligible for judging until payment is received. You will receive a notification once your payment is registered in our system. Deadline for last payment is: TBD.



  • No refunds will be made once a submission is complete  
  • A submission that fails to meet the specifications requested in the above will not be eligible for judging and will be excluded without notice. No refunds will be made.



Entry deadline for 2017 is TBD.

Choosing Categories

You can submit entries in multiple categories if relevant. An entry fee for each category still apply. The jury reserves the right to alter your entry to fit the category, if needed.


The Jury

The jury is curated across nations and continents and counts relevant professional qualifications and skillset. Jury members are chosen on the basis of their experience in the field of native advertising. Jury members from agencies, studios, vendors, and platforms are not eligible for judging in categories where entries from their own workplace have been submitted. This rule will be honored at all times.


Return of Materials

All entries submitted to the Native Advertising Awards become the property of Native Advertising Awards and is likely to be used in a promotional context. If parts of your submission should not be disclosed to the public, please indicate this on the entry form by stating CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT SHARE. Such requests will be honored.


In Case of Additional Questions?

For more information, contact NAI at

The Native Advertising Awards Jury 2016

This amazing jury is curated across nations and continents and counts relevant professional qualifications and skill sets. Jury members are chosen on the basis of their experience in the field of native advertising, social media, content creation and media.

Susan Borst
Senior Director of Industry Initiatives - IAB

After 20+ years at top NYC creative agencies in Strategic Planning and Account Management roles, Susan made the move to digital in 2010. At IAB, Susan leads the Native Advertising/Content, Social Media, B2B and Game Advertising committees, working with hundreds of digital publishers/platforms and technology providers to identify key challenges and opportunities for growth, and setting standards and best practices. Under her leadership, these groups have produced the IAB Native Advertising Playbook, Content Marketing Primer, Social Media Buyer’s Guide, Game Advertising Ecosystem Guide, User Generated Content guide, Building a B2B Brand Online For Dummies guide and many more.

Stephanie Losee
Head of Content at Visa

Stephanie Losee is the Head of Content for VISA. Previously she was the Executive Director of Branded Content at POLITICO, and before that, she was Managing Editor of Dell, directing Dell’s editorial content strategy and formalizing Dell’s role as a brand publisher. Among other projects, she led the launch of Dell’s Paid Posts as the inaugural brand on The New York Times’ native advertising platform and spearheaded the launch of Dell’s news site, Tech Page One, which was recently expanded to become the brand front door for all of Dell. She is a former writer at Fortune and editor at PC Magazine.

Andrea Cornelli
Vice President and CEO of Ketchum, Italy

Andrea began his professional career in 1981 and founded C&T, one of the first Italian company dedicated to design information and communication technology systems. Since then, his professional resumé counts CEO and President positions at Telemarcus and Ketchum.

Under his leadership, Ketchum Italy has won many Italian awards.

Andrea has been part of several PR Awards juries including Cannes Lion, Eurobest PR, Sabre PR Awards and many more.

From 2009 to 2013 he was Vice President of Assorel, one of the most prestigious Italian Associations for Public Relations Agencies. From 2014 to 2015, he was appointed President of Assorel.

In 2015 Andrea and the rest of the Ketchum team joined Assocom/PRHub.

Melanie Deziel
Founder of the Overlap League

Melanie Deziel is an award-winning branded content strategist and author, and the founder of The Overlap League, the native advertising industry newsletter. She serves as the Director of Creative Strategy for Time Inc., where she leads ideation for sponsored content programs that span the Time Inc. portfolio of more than 35 U.S. publications. Prior to joining Time Inc., Melanie served as the first editor of branded content at The New York Times, where she conceived of and wrote in-depth pieces sponsored by advertisers, including the “Women Inmates” piece created in partnership with Netflix and Orange Is The New Black and this feature on The New York City Ballet presented by Cole Haan, which earned the OMMA for Best Native Advertising Execution in 2014 and 2015 respectively. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in journalism, currently lives in Brooklyn, and travels the country speaking about branded content.

Jamie Toward
Managing Partner at Karmarama

Jamie has been working with Brands for over 20 years, producing content to meet a variety of aims in a range of sectors. He’s worked in Content Agencies, Mobile Agencies, Media Agencies, Integrated Agencies and Publishers along the way producing and distributing content for some of the worlds best known brands. Jamie has been a judge at for the International Content Marketing Awards and the Association of Online Publishers Awards. In addition he’s participated as both keynote speaker and panelist at events such AdWeek Europe.

Morten Saxnaes
Head of Brand Activation and Social at & Co.

Online marketing and communications professional, working with digital strategy, new media and product innovation

Morten is a reknowned digital expert in the Danish marketing industry working for the awardwinning content agency, & Co. He also stars as a media consultant on national Danish TV where he covers everything from Snapchat and Harlem Shake, to Facebook privacy issues and the rise of the sharing economy.

Todd Wheatland
Content Marketing Specialist at King Content

Todd is the global head of strategy at the content marketing agency of the year – King Content. He is a renowned marketer with an impressive amount of awards and honours on his resumé. Todd is also the producer and host of the podcast, The Pivot: Marketing Backstories and a superb keynote speaker.

Tim Cain
Tim Cain
Founder of Digital First Media

Tim Cain is the Founder of Digital First Media (Former Managing Director of The UK Association of Online Publishers).Tim is widely engaged in the digital media industry, working with many leading publishers and promoting the value of premium content to agencies, tech businesses, brands and other organisations.

Jackie Bernstein
Deputy Editor of Branded Content at Bustle

Jackie Bernstein is the Deputy Editor of Branded Content at Bustle. Over the past year, she’s served as the creative lead of Bustle Studios, which has grown from a two-person operation to a full-fledged content studio that works with a diverse portfolio of advertisers.

Liz McDonnell
Head of Creative Strategy at T Brand Studio

Liz McDonnell is the Senior Director of Creative Strategy at the New York Times and one of the spearheads behind the success of the native ad unit, T Brand Studio. The T Brand Studio is a result of the massive interest from advertisers looking to market their brands through the NYT platform.

Dominik Grau
Chief Innovation Officer at Ebner Media Group

Dominik is an award-winning digital media executive and the Chief Innovation Officer of the Ebner Media Group. Ebner is a 200-year old privately held German media company with 80+ magazines and 40+ websites that reach an audience of 10 million readers in 11 countries.
During his career Dominik has won more than 15 global media awards and nominations for audience growth, digital media, tablet publishing, events, content marketing and social media.

Eduardo Basarte Acin
Eduardo Basarte
Director of Branded Content at Vocento

Eduardo runs the branded content activities at Vocento Group which is one of Spain’s most prominent media groups. Eduardo is also the former UE Studio Director of branded content and native advertising unit at Unidad Editorial. Co -founder and board member of the BCMA Spain (Branded Content Marketing Association).

Jacob Holst Mouritzen
Director of Communication and Marketing at Mindshare Danmark

Jacob is a skilled strategic mind with a creative heart and impressive credentials to show. He has recently been awarded one of Denmark’s top business talents and is frequently used as an expert by the Danish press.

Maria Marteleur
Head of Native Advertising at Dagens Industri

Maria Marteleur is the product owner for Native Advertising at Bonnier News, and responsible for native content at Swedens biggest daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter and for the leading business newspaper, Dagens industri. Her journalistic and digital background at media houses such as SVT, Sveriges Radio and Expressen and as a Social Editor at Bonnier Tidskrifter led her to working with native advertising in 2014.

Sam Slaughter
Vice President of Content at Contently

Sam is the Vice President of Content at Contently and a very experienced freelance journalist. He is responsible for all content marketing campaigns and partnerships at Contently and his portolio counts customers such as Coca-Cola, American Express, Forbes, UNICEF and Atlantic Media. Sam also runs Contently Media, who was nominated as ‘best new publisher’ by Digiday in 2014. He is also on the board for the Contently Foundation.

Jesper Laursen
Founder of the Native Advertising Institute

Besides from founding the Native Advertising Institute, Jesper Laursen is the CEO of Brand Movers and Media Movers. The companies work with content marketing and journalism, respectively.

Jesper, a passionate content marketing and native advertising entrepreneur and speaker, believes that native advertising done right, holds a great potential for getting your message across to the right people, at the right time, and in the right manner.

Currently, his company Brand Movers is hosting the biggest content marketing conference in Scandinavia called Clever Content, they publish the largest magazine in Northern Europe on the subject called Content Marketing Magazine and work they with various brands and media on native advertising projects.

Pontus Staunstrup
Head of Content Strategy and Social Media at PostNord Group

Pontus Staunstrup is Head of Content strategy and Social media at PostNord Group. Prior to that he was Content strategy director at one of Sweden’s leading content agencies. He has extensive experience of working with content marketing and content strategy as well as social media for a number of Swedish and international companies in both B2B and B2C

Pontus is also a frequent speaker and writer on topics like native advertising, digital strategy and content marketing.

He is a member of PostNord’s steering group for native advertising, as well as lead strategist and analyst.

Melissa Cecilie-Desfontaines
Senior Brand Strategist at Adyoulike

Melissa Cecilie-Desfontaines is Senior Brand Strategist at Adyoulike, Europe’s leading native advertising platform. Originally from the South of France, Melissa has been at Adyoulike for over two years, helping to evangelise and grow the native advertising market in the UK. Melissa has a Masters degree in Marketing from the European business school in Paris, and a Bachelor degree in business administration from Kedge Business School. Melissa heads up the relationship with Publicis Group in the UK, as well as other key agency relationships, working on diverse native advertising briefs for brands such as Samsung, Clarins, Airbnb, Fitbit, Staples and many more.

Magnus Hultman
Co-Founder and CEO at Strossle

Magnus is the CEO and co-founder of Strossle, a company using artificial intelligence to personalize the media experience and increase traffic to content and native ads.
Strossle is one of Swedens fastest growing tech companies with offices in seven countries. Before launching Strossle, Magnus was the founder of online video network Smartclip Nordics, InSkin Nordics and VP Sales of video ad serving company Videoplaza.

Dana Adhami
Head of MENA at Makers Studios Inc.

Dana is head of MENA at Maker Studios, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. The company is the global leader in online short-form video and the largest content network on YouTube — specializing in reaching millennial audiences across multiple programming genres.

Maker’s network includes 55,000 independent creators from more than 100 countries, attracting 550 million subscribers and over 11 billion views per month of which 70% are outside of the U.S.

Tobi Elkin
Editor, MediaPost

Tobi Elkin is Editor of MediaPost’s Native Insider and Real-Time Daily email newsletter where she reports on developments within the native/branded content spaces, along with programmatic media and real-time marketing trends. Tobi also has many interests as a freelance journalist and interviewer including podcasting, intergenerational storytelling and creativity–where it comes from and what sustains it. For more information, visit: and

Kresten Kaersgaard Mylin
Director at Brand Movers

Kresten Kaersgaard Mylin is the Managing Director of Brand Movers, a Copenhagen based content marketing agency. Over the past two decades, Kresten has been working with some of the biggest publishers in the media industry within the Nordic contries, covering areas such as management, innovation and media sales. Kresten has been working strategically with top 100 brands all his career, and he has a passion for digital insights. He has been part of several start-up projects in the media industry, from national press to international digital projects.

Kresten also founded the first native department, for one of the biggest magazine publisher in the Nordics.

Hannah Meium
Director of Branded Content at Mashable

Hannah is Mashable’s Director of Branded Content. In this capacity, Hannah oversees the creative work Mashable does creating premium multi-platform content for its advertising partners. Prior to Mashable, Hannah spent 6 years at Madison Square Garden, creating content for the Rockettes including award-winning original content along with brand content integrations with The Colbert Report, Project Runway, NBC’s America’s Got Talent, TODAY Show and helped grow the Rockettes social community from 3,000 to 1.3 million. Before the Rockettes, Hannah was a copywriter and PR/Marketing person for Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. She lives in Brooklyn and her side project is trying to make her cat Herman famous:

Jason A Miller
Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn

Jason Miller is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social Media and Content Marketing up to 11. He leads global content and social initiatives for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helping marketers understand how to use LinkedIn to achieve their marketing goals and deliver real ROI.

Previously he ran social media strategy at Marketo and was responsible for leading the company’s global content and social media efforts.

Before entering the B2B space, he spent ten years at Sony developing and executing marketing campaigns around the biggest names in music. When he is not building campaigns, creating remarkable content, and tracking the ROI of social, he is winning awards as a concert photographer, singing 80’s metal karaoke, and winning at Seinfeld trivia. Jason is a frequent contributor to Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner, Marketing Profs, Copyblogger, and has presented sessions and keynotes at numerous industry conferences including Dreamforce, Social Media Marketing World , Social Fresh, Microsoft Convergence, Inbound, and more

Ally Stuart
Strategy Director at Sharethrough

Ally is Strategy Director for Sharethrough. He leads the EMEA office; building partnerships with agencies, brands and publishers across Europe.

Sharethrough is the leading global native advertising platform, helping publishers maximise revenue and brands earn meaningful attention by powering ads that fit into – rather than interrupt – the audience experience. Sharethrough’s flagship product, Sharethrough for Publishers (SFP), is a Supply Side Platform that powers over three billion monthly ad impressions for the world’s leading publishers, including CNN International, Time Inc., Sky Media, Scripps Networks Interactive, Wenner Media, USA Today Sports, and Forbes.

Sarah Pauls
Head of Partner Studio

Sarah is Head of Partner Studio at BurdaForward, one of the leading digital Publishers and native pioneers in germany. The Partner Studio works as a creative in-house agency and not only manages the branded content campaigns but also creates the content for the campaigns on all BurdaForward websites. As a longtime editor in chief at NetMoms, an online community and website for mothers, Sarah knows how to tell an engaging story that reaches the right audience.

BurdaForward unites market-leading brands like Focus Online, Huffington Post Germany, CHIP as well as the digital marketer BurdaForward Advertising. BurdaForward reaches 33 million Unique Users which means 60% of the internet users in Germany (AGOF digital-facts 2015-12)

Ben Young
CEO at Nudge

Bio coming soon