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Takeaways from #NativeDAYS18

The 5 Most Important Takeaways from #NativeDAYS18

Out of all the inputs at Native Advertising DAYS 2018, here are the five most important takeaways for all of you who couldn’t make it to the event. Read More

10 Quick Takeaways from Native Advertising DAYS 2018

Weren’t at Native Advertising DAYS 2018? Despair not, this post gives you 10 quick takeaways from Stine F. Mathiasen’s (Head of Content & Creative at Benjamin_Creative) participation at the conference right here. Read More

Best of Twitter #NativeDAYS18

Did you miss out on Native Advertising DAYS 2018? Don’t worry. There is plenty of great knowledge in the tweets from this year’s conference — and there are some of the best. Read More

They Are Here!! The WINNERS of Native Advertising Awards 2018

We are so proud to announce the Native Advertising Awards 2018 Winners, who were announced in Berlin at Native Advertising DAYS 2018. Read More

#NativeDAYS Articles

How to Not Piss Off Your Customers with Advertising

Speaker Q&A: Christina Constandache, VP Global Partnerships at Viber on how to not piss off your customers with advertising. Need a hint? Native advertising might be the solution. Read More

A Truly Excellent Concept Needs Creative Space, Distribution and Optimisation

Speaker Q&A: Richard Pattinson, Senior Vice President at BBC StoryWorks on how BBC creates successful native advertising campaigns. Read More

Brands Should Implement Newsroom Best Practices to Engage Their Audience

Speaker Q&A: Adrian Michaels, Director at FirstWord Media believes that brands doing content marketing and native advertising could and should learn a lot from newsrooms if they want to engage their audience with great content. Read More

Selling Native Advertising Is Not Just a Job for the Sales Team

Speaker Q&A: Setting up a sales team and selling native advertising is not a simple job for most publishers. We asked Anna Arvidsson, Head of Bonnier News Brand Studio to share her best advice. Read More

“Stop Measuring Things for the Sake of It”

Speaker Q&A: Native advertising and a strong focus on driving value is essential in today’s digital landscape. We had a short chat with Brandon Keenen, Senior Digital Commercial Director at CNN International Commercial about the changing landscape. Read More

How to Best Work with Agencies and Brands on Native Advertising Campaigns

Speaker Q&A: At the Danish Benjamin Native Studio, they have a clear idea of how you best work with media agencies and brands on native campaigns. Read More

Do Your Ideas Get Stolen? Your Best Defence Is Unique Ideas

Speaker Q&A: How do you make sure that no one steals the brilliant idea that you worked so hard on? We asked Melanie Deziel, Branded Content Consultant. Read More

How VELUX Saw a Significant Lift in Global Conversations Around their Brand with Native Video Advertising

Speaker Q&A: Velux explains their successful use of native video advertising in their campaign ‘The Indoor Generation’. Read More

Will Publishers’ Brand Studios Become Victims of Their Own Success?

Now that publishers’ brand studios have helped make native advertising the norm, content agencies are well-placed to take a piece of the action. Read More

You Need to Teach, Guide and Inspire Your Readers

Speaker Q&A: “Make sure to have timing, and engage people in your message by teaching them something new, guide and inspire them,” says Lotta Tjulin-Thornqvist, Creative Sales Manager at Schibsted Brand Studio. Read More

AI Can Be a Marketer’s Competitive Advantage

Speaker Q&A: How is AI impacting the native advertising industry today and is AI essential in native advertising? We asked Chad Pollitt, VP of Marketing at InPowered. Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Conference Experience

Are you joining us at Native Advertising DAYS 2018? Here are some tips on how to bring home as much knowledge and new tools in your suitcase as possible. Read More

Why Salespeople are Critically Important to Branded Content

Speaker Q&A: Why are salespeople so important in the world of branded content? We asked Fara Warner, Journalist and Digital Media Expert. Read More

Can a Branded Content Studio Have a Place at the News Desk?

Yes! And it works, says Anna Arvidsson, Head of Bonnier News Brand Studio. Her staff attends all of Expressen’s news meetings to learn the day’s news agenda. Read More

How BBC StoryWorks Creates Native Advertising With Newsroom Values

BBC StoryWorks’ SVP, Richard Pattinson, reveals the challenges and possibilities of being part of BBC and being a “creative studio with newsroom values”. Read More

How News UK has Taken Their Branded Content Practice to the Next Level

News UK began creating branded content a few years ago, but “things have really ramped up in the last 18 months” as Head of Branded Content, Joanna Carrigan puts it. Read More

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Why You Can’t Have Content Without a Content Strategy

Speaker Q&A: We asked Tatjana Biallas, Director of Media Sales at Taboola, to share her most important learnings for creating a successful content strategy. Read More

How to Use Data When Working with Native Advertising

Speaker Q&A: The best way to show ROI on investments into native advertising is by using reliable data, says Meena Thiruvengadam, Success Manager at Parse.ly. But how to use data when working tiwh native advertising? Read More

Digital Advertising and AI: “The Best Is Yet to Come”

Speaker Q&A: How can we benefit from using AI? And what does the future hold for digital advertising and AI? We asked Mickael Ferreira, CEO & Co-Founder of Quantum Advertising. Read More

“Publishers and Advertisers Haven’t Yet Reached the Full Potential of Native Advertising”

Speaker Q&A: Is branded content what’s going to save the publishing industry? We asked Carolin Wies, Head of International Business at Plista. Read More

The Future of Native Advertising: Much More Use of Data, Analytics and Programmatic

Speaker Q&A: Eugene Malashenia, Director of Business Development at Voluum DSP, talks about the growing pains and obstacles in the native advertising industry and what he sees a solutions in the future. Read More

Three Macro Trends for Your Native Content to Tap Into in 2019

It’s impossible to talk about native advertising without talking about worldwide trends. Here are 3 macro trends that will sweep through our content in 2019. Read More

Saving the Future of Native Advertising – with Tech

“To save the future of native advertising, we need to increase efficiency and simultaneously deliver quality content,” says Tine Karlsen, CEO of Vev. Read More

Axel Springer Brand Studio: “I believe that the future of advertising will be native”

We asked Director of Axel Springer Brand Studio, Juliane Sydow to let us in on the secret sauces that make this German native ad studio a unique entity in the global native advertising landscape. Read More

How to Take your Native Ad Strategy Full-Funnel with 3 Specific Content Types

A formula for a native advertising campaign on the open web that moves consumers all the way through the funnel, every time. Read More

Stop Talking About Your Product: 4 Tips for Using Data Creatively to Produce Original Branded Content

Native ad campaigns that feature original data based on your users, audience or in-house data have an element no one can duplicate. And you don’t have to mention your product once. Read More


How to Work Across Multiple In-House Brands as a Brand Studio

Podcast: Juliane Sydow, Director of Axel Springer Brand Studio shares her most essential learnings and experiences. Listen

The Three Essential Steps to Becoming Creative and Innovative

Podcast: Carla Johnson, world-renowned storyteller, author, keynote speaker and Principal at Type A Communications shares her thoughts on being creative and innovative. Listen

Tearing Down the Wall Can Lead to Better Commercial Content

Podcast: Anna Arvidsson, Head of Bonnier News Brand Studio, on tearing down the wall between the editorial team and the commercial team. Listen

Publisher Brand Studios versus Content Agencies

Podcast: David Landes, Content Director at Tale Content Creators, takes us through some of the key differences between brand studios and content agencies. Listen

Pitching, Selling and Creating Native Advertising

Podcast: Melanie Deziel, Branded Content Consultant & Founder of StoryFuel, reveals her secrets to pitching, selling and creating native advertising. Listen

The Successful Relationship with Clients and the Importance of Sales People

Podcast: Fara Warner, Journalist and Digital Media Expert, shares insights on how to succeed in getting a successful relationship with brand clients. Listen

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Republic of Korea
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