5 Examples of Successful Branded Video Content

When the internet is flooded with videos vying for audiences’ increasingly dwindling attention, how can brands capture a slice of that blossoming market?
Successful branded content videos

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By Pete Fergusson
CEO of Nemorin Creative Film & Video
London, UK

The best branded video content connects with audiences emotionally. It’s content that is funny, emotional, heartwarming, or educational, that triggers something in the brain which makes the video compelling and shareable. Some of the best branded video content is story-driven and places narrative and audience engagement at a higher priority than the selling of the brand. Because put the story first and the brand payoff will come with it.

Today’s media savvy audiences are receptive to brand messaging, logos and product placement, but in return expect outstanding, compelling and original video content. Short form, long form, it doesn’t matter – but the deal with the audience is a logo and branding in return for engaging and emotive content.

So how can you tell the difference between good and bad branded content? Well, here’s a list of five examples of branded video done well. Take a look at them and see what makes them stand out.

BA & Comic Relief

This piece of branded content from British Airways received international coverage. The reason? It’s funny. Simple as that. Audiences warm to the brand and the brand gets editorial coverage in publishers worldwide. It’s the definition of branded content done well.

Take Note Store

This short film is a wonderful example of emotive storytelling. The narrative and the pacing holds the audience’s attention despite the simple, single camera setup, and tugs at the heartstrings too. Although the brand’s product is front and center of each frame, it is the characters and their story who take centre stage here.


This delightful little film ticks all the boxes of successful branded content. Try asking yourself – would this still work without the brand? In the case of this mini-documentary, the answer is yes. But what makes it great is how perfectly the brand’s product and ethos ties into the story.

Doubleday Publishing

A recent approach from Doubleday Publishing is a little different. This campaign to mark the launch of Dan Brown’s new novel, Origin, incorporated personalized video content. The videos are beautifully shot and utterly shareable. By using technology to create a way for the viewer to insert their own name into the video, Doubleday has made something that elevates content above a traditional ad or documentary in terms of engagement.

Faroe Islands

This fun film serves as an intro video to a larger campaign, but the video itself is entertaining enough to stand up on its own. It’s warm, amusing, and sheds a light on the real focus of this campaign: the Faroe Islands. The comedy makes it shareable, increasing brand awareness and ultimately driving traffic.