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Our vision for the Native Advertising DAYS conference is to empower publishers and brands to build better, more effective and valuable native advertising campaigns by bringing everyone together in one powerful event.


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At Native Advertising DAYS every speaker vow to bring forward concrete knowledge, best practices and hands-on tools that will take your paid media strategy to the next level.

Who should attend?

Native Advertising DAYS is for publishers and marketers who work with native advertising on a daily basis and acknowledge that the perfect distribution and promotion strategy consists of relevancy, sophistication and consumer-centric communication and a lot less disruption and noise.

What's Your Output?

We touch upon themes such as standards and guidelines (ethics and trust), the future of native advertising, the latest trends, storytelling, social media, programmatic platforms, organisational change, user experience, customer behaviour, B2B and B2C case studies and much more.



Listen to presentations from some of the most successful native advertising professionals in the world.

Publishers’ Corner

Meet representatives from global media groups, publishers, programmatic agencies, native advertising consultants, and various brands.

Brand Camp

Get insights from publishers, programmatic agencies, social media representatives, native adverting consultants and brand representatives and be inspired by their stories, case studies and best practices.

Meet a Vendor

Meet up with a vendor to learn more about their products and services.


Join our pre-event reception and networking activities to grow your network.

“Because reaching audiences through innovative digital storytelling is the future of communication, and native advertising is our first best means of doing that for brands and publishers. Native advertising is growing rapidly as a strategy and deserves its own conference. Kudos to the Native Advertising Institute for forming to address this vital, fast-moving aspect of digital marketing” 
– Stephaine Losee, Head of Content at VISA


Native Advertising Days provides you with inspirational cases, solid insights and actionable tools that you can take home and implement right away. You will leave highly motivated to pursue and explore the potential within native advertising and with a stronger network of colleagues from around the world who are passionate about creating real results with native advertising.

Jack Gillespie

Regional Sales Director of Mashable EMEA & SEA

Yvonne Meister

Head of BILD Brand Studio

Francis Turner

Managing Director & CRO at ADYOULIKE

Martin Baier

Head of Partner Studio & AdProduct at BurdaForward

Karina Groschberger

Brand Manager at Huffington Post Germany

Ana Plisic

Editorial Director at the Hanza Media Native Ad Studio

Thomas Hartmann

Country Manager, Denmark at Strossle

Jörg Hunsche

Marketing Development Manager Digital Production Business at HP Deutschland GmbH

Ionut Ciobotaru

Founder & Managing Director at PubNative

Robert Heesen

Head of BILD Brand Studio Consulting

Ilia Krasilshchik

Publisher at Meduza

Ansgar von Garrel

Director of Marketing at Lightpower and MA Lighting International

Anders Stilling Olesen

Marketing Manager at Austrian National Tourist Office

Lukas Kircher

Founder Partner at C3 - Creative Code and Content

Sonja Knab

Director Research & Marketing at BurdaForward Advertising

Pete Wootton

Managing Director of Digital at Dennis Publishing

Brandon Keenen

Senior Director at BuzzFeed EMEA

Thomas Stokholm

CEO at Ekstra Bladet TV

Georg van der Vorst

Director of Sponsorship, Marketing & Media at DB Mobility Logistics AG

Michael Birnstock

Team Leader of Partnerships, Deutsche Bahn AG

Zazie Lucke

VP of Global Marketing at Quartz

Karsten Krämer

Managing Director at C3 Creative Code and Content

Kolja Kleist

Director Customer & Brand Management, Head of Brand Management at FOCUS Online | Huffington Post | The Weather Channel

Dr. Tanja zu Waldeck

Managing Director at BurdaForward Advertising

Dr. Laura Sophie Dornheim

Public Affairs Manager at Eyeo

Michael Villaseñor

Creative Director of Ad Innovation and Marketing at The New York Times

Ekin Ozenci

Mobile Product Specialist at Google

Jason A Miller

Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn

Hannah Meium

Director of Branded Content at Mashable

Ashley Fisher

Counsel for Global Brand and Sponsorships at Visa Inc

Dominik Grau

Chief Innovation Officer at Ebner Media Group

Shane Snow

CCO & CO-FOUNDER at Contently

Tom Jenen

President for Polar

Eric Fulwiler

Vice President, Account Strategy at VaynerMedia

Claire Austin

Head of Audience (social media & native advertising) at King Content

Chad Pollitt

Co-founder of Relevance

Robert Wildner

VP of Media Operations at Glispa Global Group

Maria Marteleur

Head of Native Advertising & Commercial Editor at Dagens Industi

Melanie Deziel

Founder of the Overlap League

Dale Lovell

Chief Digital Officer at Adyoulike

Clare O’Brien

Head of Industry Programmes at IAB UK

Rickard Lawson

Managing Director at Strossle Norway

Tim Cain

Director of Digital First Media

Pontus Staunstrup

Head of Content Strategy and Social Media at PostNord

Magnus Hultman

Co-Founder and CEO at Strossle

Jesper Laursen

Founder of Native Advertising Institute

Rebecca Lieb

Leading Industry Analyst on native advertising at Conglomotron LCC

Stephanie Losee

Head of Content at VISA

Gaining an international perspective on how different marketers are creating the future of branding, media, and advertising – namely, through content marketing and native advertising – is both eye-opening and energizing. It’s always remarkable to see that your peers halfway across the global are facing the exact same challenges as you, and it’s edifying to be able to compare notes and share solutions. Native Advertising DAYS brings together a terrific, geographically diverse group of marketers for two days of collaboration, education, and exploration.
– Newell Thompson, VP/Marketing at TIME Inc









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