Call for Speakers

The Launch of the 'No Chairpocalypse' Speaker Strategy

Talking to rows of empty, identical chairs must be every conference speaker’s nightmare – not to mention every event organizer (right after having speakers pitch their products on the stage). Luckily, this is not a concern that should keep you up at night if you consider speaking at the #NativeDAYS19.

We have a loyal crowd counting 450+ media and marketing professionals from all over the World. They come to Berlin to gain new knowledge, so expect some curious questions. That being, if you swear to deliver relevant, informative, and valuable insights that relate to content marketing and native advertising.

Currently, we are curating the perfect mix of topics and speakers that will inspire the native ad community when we all come together on November 11th – 13th, 2019.


This Might Be Your Cue to Submit a Brilliant Speaker or Panel Proposal

Are you a visionary, innovative, vigorous speaker and/or a seasoned expert within native advertising, branded content or content marketing?

Are you eager to share your visions, your strategic insights, and practical know-how with the global native advertising industry when they come together in Berlin this fall?

Then here is your chance to bring your A-game to stage and join us.

We are now opening up the floodgates and inviting the global community to submit speaker proposals for the Native Advertising DAYS 2019 in Berlin.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, May 1st, 2019, 11:59 PM ET: Call for speakers deadline
  • Friday, June 7th, 2019: All applicants will be notified about their submission status.

Submission Changes/Cancellations

You can make edits after submitting a proposal. If information on a completed submission has since changed, or if you experience technical errors, please notify the Native Advertising DAYS team at


About The Session Formats


Keynote speakers embody the ingenuity, the originality, and the resourcefulness of true native ad pioneers. They know how to deliver a powerful and visionary presentation that will impress and educate the global industry and inspire them to take their native ads, branded content or content marketing practice to the next level.

Session duration: 40 minutes

Featured Track Speakers

Structured around the various themes and trends at the #NativeDAYS19, Featured Track Speakers present the best casework and most transformative ideas shaping the future of native advertising. The speakers are considered industry experts by local peers and often also in an international context. The tracks at the conference will encompass presentations from publishers, content marketers, agencies, and ad tech professionals from all over the globe.

Session duration: 30 minutes.

The 2019 tracks to apply for:

  • Future & Insights
  • The Branded Content Case
  • Native Ad Strategy & Tactics 

Round Tables Discussions 

The popular roundtable sessions bring together industry experts and #NativeDAYS19 attendees for an informal and enlightening discussion on a specific topic of the session speaker’s choosing. You will facilitate the conversation in a dedicated conference room which seats 8-10 people for a good in-depth discussion. The sessions will run alongside keynotes and featured track sessions throughout the conference.

Session duration: 30-60 minutes. 


Panels are always an interesting conference format – especially if the topics discussed are cutting-edge and either tap into the attendees’ curiosity or address industry obstacles, professional gaps or collective pain points. This is a format where shakers and movers can discuss how to move the industry forward as a whole. You propose a panel topic to host yourself. The panel seats 4 people for a healthy discussion on stage.

Session duration: 30 minutes.


Relevant Criteria to Consider Before Submitting

  • MANDATORY: A video presentation. You don’t have to submit an ‘on stage’ pro performance, but we need to see you ‘in action’ to be able to consider your work for the #NativeDAYS19.
  • If you want to be considered for a Keynote or as a Featured Track Speaker please keep in mind these few rules of thumb:
    • No selling or pitching on stage (we will choose great content and relevancy over synopses that smell like pitching ANY day).
    • No discrimination of any kind.
    • No political agendas
    • Only original work (respect copyright laws)
  • At Native Advertising DAYS, we believe that a gender-balanced speaker line-up makes for a better conference and a much more diverse discussion. That’s why we strive to hit a 50/50 quote when we curate speakers for the conference. We encourage speakers of any gender and from every country to join us in Berlin.