Contributors Guidelines

Blog Guidelines for the Native Advertising Institute

Thank you very much for your interest in contributing to the Native Advertising Institute’s blog. Here you will find details about the Institute, our audience and the type of blog posts we look for.

Our purpose
Our mission is to help publishers and marketers become familiar with and master the native advertising discipline. This is the main focus for all blog posts on the Native Advertising Institute. 

Our audience
Media, publishers and brands practicing native advertising.

Why write for the Native Advertising Institute?
Sharing your expertise with an engaged audience of native advertising professionals is a great way to improve your profile. Your name, company and view on native advertising will become known throughout the industry and you will contribute to the overall development of native advertising.

Our blog posts:
Here are the specific types of post we would like you to consider writing:


  • How-to posts: We look for detailed posts that very clearly outline how to do something ‘native’; templates, checklists and step-by-step guides that explain a successful approach to a given task associated to the discipline of native advertising.   

          For an example, you might want to write a blog post about “How To Make       

          Sponsored Articles As Shareable As Possible”. Such a how-to post might   

          include a step-by-step guide on how to optimize headlines, subheading and    

          images for shareability on five different social media platforms.


          Another example, you could write a how-to guide about “How To Convince             

          Your Boss That Native Advertising Is A Worthwhile Investment”. This post                   

          might explain ten numbers that demonstrate why native advertising is      

          profitable. Or five ready-made arguments that will convince any boss of native  

          advertising’s efficiency.       


          The crux of how-to posts is usability. Teach the audience how to master a   

          specific aspect of native advertising.


  •    Best practices posts: Our readers are always looking for best practices for native advertising. Blog posts that highlight the learnings and insights that you have been able to gather from your ongoing efforts in native advertising.  

          These posts should originate from your empirical knowledge of native       

          advertising. If there is an element of native advertising that you have been   

          involved with to a point where you can tell what works(and what doesn’t     

          work), we would love to learn from your experience and budding expertise.


          You might work for a publisher and you have been partnering with several      

          clients that wanted to convert their brand into fascinating content. Explain                   

          how you identify those elements of a company that make for good storytelling.   

          Or how you convince potential clients that sponsored content is a good fit for      



          Best practices post can also be based on industry studies or reports that you   

          have conducted. What we are looking for is the accumulated experience of                                      

          your ongoing work in native advertising transformed into actual knowledge            

          that our audience can use.   


  • Case studies: If you possess a piece of native advertising that you are really proud of, we would love to hear how you did it and why the piece worked so well.

          These are the four points that we want you to cover in a case study:

          Objective: What was the specific objective of the piece of native                                       

          advertising? What was the piece supposed to achieve on behalf of yourself or           

          your client?

          Strategy: What framework did you develop for the piece of native advertising         

          and how would this structure help meet the requirements of your objective?

          Execution: How did you execute your strategy? How did you make the         

          actual piece of native advertising and what was the reasoning behind?

          Outcome: What results did the piece of native advertising achieve?


How to submit your ideas
Before you start writing your blog post, we ask that you fill out the synopsis form and our contributors formular and submit it to the NAI. One of our editors will then get in contact with you to discuss the submission and to set a deadline for the post.

This way we ensure that your post will be as relevant as possible.