Call for Speakers – Closed


Are you a visionary, an innovator, a vigorous speaker and/or a seasoned expert within native advertising, branded content or content marketing?

Are you eager to share our visions, your strategic insights and practical know-how with the global native advertising industry when they come together in Berlin this fall?

Then here is your chance to bring your A-game to stage and join us in Berlin.

We are now opening up the flood gates and inviting the global native advertising community to submit speaker proposals for the Native Advertising DAYS 2017 Conference in Berlin, November 8 – 10, 2017. 


Important Dates

  • Monday May 1, 2017, at 11:59 PM ET: Call for Speakers closed – EXTENDED TO MAY 15
  • Wednesday, June 6, 2017: All applicants will be notified about their submission status.

Submission Changes/Cancellations

You cannot make edits after submitting a proposal. If information on a completed submission has since changed, or if you experience technical errors, please notify the Native Advertising DAYS team.

Relevant Criteria to consider before submission

  • MANDATORY: You must send us a video to be considered as a speaker for Native Advertising DAYS 2017. You do not have to submit an ‘on stage’ pro performance, but we need to see you ‘in action’ to be able to consider your work for this conference.
  • If you want to be considered for a Keynote or as a Featured Track Speaker please keep in mind these few rules of thumb
    • No Selling from stage unless (we will choose great content and relevancy over synopsises that smell like pitching ANY day).
    • No discrimination of any kind.
    • No political agendas
    • Only original work (respect copyright laws)
  • Native Advertising DAYS is a conference where gender imbalance is addressed in the curation of our conference program. We believe that a balanced speaker line-up makes for a better conferences and a much more diverse discussion. That’s why we strive to hit a 50/50 quote when we curate speakers for the Native Advertising DAYS.

About Session Formats


Keynote speakers embody the ingenuity, the originality and the resourcefulness of true native advertising pioneers. They know how to deliver a powerful and visionary presentation that impress and educate the entire global native advertising industry and inspire them to take their native advertising, branded content or content marketing practice to the next level.
Session duration: 35 minutes

Featured Track Speakers

Structured around the various themes and trends at the Native Advertising DAYS conference, Featured Track Speakers present the best case work and most transformative ideas shaping the future of native advertising. The speakers are considered industry experts by local peers and often times also in a international context. The tracks at the native advertising DAYS will encompass presentations from publishers, content marketers, agencies, and adtech professionals from all over the globe.
Session duration: 30 minutes

Round Tables/ Lunch & Learns

Round table sessions bring together industry experts and #NativeDAYS17 attendees for an informal and enlightening discussion on a specific topic of the session speakers choosing.
Session duration: 30 minutes, seats 8-10

Demo Listening & Pitch Sessions

Format only available to sponsors:
Demo Listening Sessions & Pitch Sessions are dedicated to sponsors to give them a stage to showcase their work, talk about their products and services, and answer any questions that the attendees may have about their brands or solutions. An interest in this speaking format will be followed up with an email introducing our 2017 media kit (insert link to media kit).
Session duration: 5 -10 minutes