Thomas Stokholm

CEO at Ekstra Bladet TV

Thomas Stokholm

CEO at Ekstra Bladet TV


Thomas Stokholm is the CEO at Ekstra Bladet TV, which is the most successful WEB TV channel owned by a Danish media in history. He is an experienced media professional with nearly two decades in the publishing industry on his resumé.

At Ekstra Bladet, Thomas oversees the creative content and marketing teams that build native advertising solutions for Ekstra Bladet TV. The native advertising suite of products that his team offers are steps towards re-defining ‘tabloid’ from paper to advertiser-funded programming with high-value.

Thomas has won the prestigious Danish journalism award, The Cavling Award, for Investigative Journalist of the Year, and his resumé counts a vast amount of additional awards and nominations. He is a huge fan of Liverpool FC and the Danish soccer team AGF and dreams of running his own tapas bar in Spain some day.

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