Maria Marteleur

Head of Native Advertising & Commercial Editor at Dagens Industi

Maria Marteleur

Head of Native Advertising & Commercial Editor at Dagens Industi


Maria Marteleur is the CEO of Storstad medieproduktion, a media production company specialising in Native Advertising, content marketing and digital business.

Previously, she held the position as product owner for Native Advertising at Bonnier News and was responsible for native content at Swedens biggest daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter and for the leading business newspaper, Dagens Industri.

Her journalistic and digital background at media houses such as SVT, Sveriges Radio and Expressen and as a Social Editor at Bonnier Tidskrifter led her to work with native advertising in 2014.

In January 2nd, 2015 the first customer Postnord was up and running at She was the first native advertising editor and therefore placed shoulder to shoulder with the business journalists on the editorial floor. The collaboration went well, and today the Native Advertising team consists of 10 content producers, web performance editors, managers and writers. 14 native campaigns and one year later, her team is ready to take the next big step to build Swedens best editorial environment for Native Advertising. She believes that content analysis is the key to success and that great content creates fantastic numbers in return.

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