#NativeAdSecrets: You Need the Right Story and the Right People to Tell the Story

Ansgar von Garrel, Director of Marketing at Lightpower, shares how to tell the right stories about the brand.
Right story about the brand.

What is the secret to good native advertising? What is the biggest challenge for native advertising? What is the future of native advertising?

Ansgar von Garrel, Director of Marketing at Lightpower, shares his insights for our series of #NativeAdSecrets.

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The secret to good native advertising…
“The secret to good native advertising is to have the right story and the right partner to tell the story. A good example we used was product tests where publishers with their own journalists were testing our products. They were feeding this information back to us and we were able to use this information. So it was basically native advertising from us to the publisher and back to us as a company. That really worked out quite well.

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Another example was the production of testimonial videos. It was a series of videos we did with real users using social proof. It’s when there’s a certain product and when there’s people who are well known in the industry who are using this product and favoring this product. Then other people are more likely to use that product as well. So you need the right story, you need people to tell your story and it needs to be authentic.”

The biggest challenge for native advertising…
“The biggest challenge in native advertising for us is really to create authentic content. If the content doesn’t come from the company it’s very hard to create it from another source, so the challenge really is to create the content first and then to use the right channels [to distribute it]. You have to know the right channels to reach your customers and that’s really challenging.

Another challenge is the question of what you are good at [as a company]? Are you good at video? Are you good at print? Are you doing both? What’s your USP and how can use that USP to offer [content] to other companies or to customers.”

The future of native advertising…
“The future of native advertising is for me one word and that’s enrichment. Native advertising only works in my opinion if there’s content, if there’s a story and if the publishers are able to enrich the story with their own arguments, with their own information, with their own storytelling. A good example of that is interviews a very close media partner did with some of our product ambassadors. They were interviewing these people about their work and about the company and their products. That was a really good way of enriching the information. So for me the future of native advertising truly is enrichment.”

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