Native Advertising DAYS 2017: Best of Twitter #NativeDAYS17

Did you miss Native Advertising DAYS 2017? Don’t be too sorry.

First of all, we’ll throw another great conference next year! And we can’t wait to see you there.

And secondly, there are so many great tweets with a lot of great knowledge for you to dive into. We’ve collected some of the best tweets from the speakers and the 400+ native advertising professionals from over 30 countries, who joined us for the conference in Berlin on November 8th-10th.

Check out all the tweets using the hashtag #NativeDAYS17 and follow us @NativeInstitute


Wonderful & enlightening talk by @lkircher on ‘dark native’. Agree w Kircher we have responsibility to teach children news critical skills. #nativeDays17

— Clare O’Brien (@clareob) 8. november 2017

“People are not blocking ads – they’re blocking bad experiences!” #nativeDAYS17

— Kirsten Mørk (@KirstenMoerk) 8. november 2017

.@jesperlaursen says 10% of publishers don’t label native (Ahhhh!) Such a horrible practice. No transparency = no credibility. #nativeDAYS17

— Melanie Deziel (@mdeziel) 8. november 2017

What‘s #nativeadvertising? Nice comic ;) #NativeDAYS17

— Anne Müller (@_annemueller_) 9. november 2017

Learnings from #nativeDays17 so far: the death of cats in social posts, the myth of humans having an attention span of a goldfish is a lie, brands are not exciting in themselves – but true journalism isn’t dead! #foodforthought

— Mads A. Enghoff (@McMalex) 9. november 2017

Killing the 8 second attention span myth @JasonMillerCA being brilliant at #nativeDAYS17

— Pontus Staunstrup (@PStaunstrup) 8. november 2017

Love this quote! BE what people are interested in! #nativeDAYS17 #nativeadvertising

— Melanie Deziel (@mdeziel) 8. november 2017

“The main question before creating any piece of content is this: Who cares?”#NativeDays17

— Tobias Egmose (@egmose) 9. november 2017

Note to @ninwag @sneakrz: @Zett found that Millennials share brand content on social primarily early morning & late at night #NativeDAYS17

— Stephanie Losee (@slosee) 8. november 2017

This is not newsworthy… @mdeziel breaking the hearts of marketers all over the world #nativeDays17

— Pontus Staunstrup (@PStaunstrup) 9. november 2017

5 rules of Engagement to make your stories matter by @anniegranat thanks for sharing

— Anne Müller (@_annemueller_) 9. november 2017

Six tips on how to reach millennials courtesy of Rita Orschiedt. #nativeDAYS17

— Cara Doyle (@caradoyle) 8. november 2017

Great to hear someone say it’s time to ditch the 90-second video rule @PeteFergusson @NemorinCreative #NativeDays17

— Stephanie Losee (@slosee) 8. november 2017

Great presentation on ‘dark native’ and this amazing stat on fake news and the election #NativeDays17 @msl_group

— Erin Lanuti (@ErinLanuti) 9. november 2017

How to engage audience via good content? Show, don’t tell, says @mdeziel #TRUTH #nativeDAYS17 #nativeadvertising

— Elli Mäkilä (@ElliMakila) 9. november 2017

Snapchat tip: if you’re a brand your first 3 seconds shouldn’t look like branded content. @EFulwiler #NativeDAYS17

— Joie Healy (@JoieHealy) 8. november 2017

Panel gets going as @adblockplus challenged by @slosee to explain how investigative journalism survives in Adblocked world. #nativedays17

— Clare O’Brien (@clareob) 8. november 2017

A great talk by Jeppe Madsbad Lauritzen

"Be ready to serve your customers when they are ready." #NativeDAYS17 #customerexperience #content

— Irina Pashina (@IrinaPashina) 8. november 2017

Native share of advertising budget has doubled the last two years according to @jesperlaursen at @NativeInstitute #nativedays17

— Strossle (@strossle) 8. november 2017

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