Why Math Behind Native Advertising Works

An explanation of why the math behind native advertising makes sense and why native drives higher click-through rates at a lower cost per acquisition.
Native Advertising Works

VitalyPercheskiyBy Vitaly Percherskiy
Co-Founder and CEO of StackAdapt

Toronto, Canada

Episode 1: The Math Behind Native Advertising

In this video, I reflect on how my perspective of native advertising has evolved from believing it to be solely a vehicle for content distribution and engagement to a clear understanding of its performance potential.

Why? The math behind native advertising ensures that click-through rates are driven down while cost per acquisition is simultaneously driven up.

Native Advertising Insider is a new video series hosted by Vitaly Percherskiy, Co-Founder and COO of StackAdapt. In this series, we dig deep into the role of native advertising in today’s digital marketing mix.


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