How Insurance Company Celebrated Individuals Making a Difference in Their Communities


Through a series of articles, Atlantic Re:think reinforced the insurance company Allstate’s commitment to supporting individuals making a difference in their communities. The campaign reach 9.5x above Atlantic Re:think’s internal benchmark for social actions.

Publisher/Agency: Atlantic Re:think

Campaign: Restoring the Promise of Public Education

Brand: Allstate

Country: USA


To increase awareness of Allstate’s involvement within communities and The Renewal Project, a partnership between Allstate and Atlantic Media Strategies to chronicle the social innovation taking place in communities across the country, as America renews itself from the ground up.

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Reach and engagement (time spent, social actions).

Target audience

Millennials, home and auto insurance holders, and community organizers/policymakers.

Strategic approach

Atlantic Re:think brought Allstate’s commitment to supporting and celebrating individuals who are making a difference in their communities to life through a series of sponsored articles:

Atlantic Re:think kept coming back to the idea that the hallmark of a good education is to prepare students for the world in which they’ll someday work and live in.

Creative Idea

Allstate sought to tell a story that focused on education and on how to restore the historic promise of public education. After considering stories related to technology, curriculum, testing, and much more, Atlantic Re:think kept coming back to the idea that the hallmark of a good education is to prepare students for the world in which they’ll someday work and live in.

That means a socioeconomically diverse, racially diverse society. School systems must reflect the wider society and must offer equal opportunity for all. Atlantic Re:think decided to find and tell the story of a place that is achieving this against the odds, where the school system adequately prepares all of its students to thrive.

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In telling the story, they wanted to bring the viewers along with them, to give them a distinct sense of place. They did this through photos and video snapshots.

Atlantic Re:think also wanted the viewers to hear the voices of the characters — a group of people who are remarkably disciplined in their dedication to fairness and academic excellence — and so decided to add audio tracks to the overall multimedia experience.

In addition to the long feature, Atlantic Re:think also created an infographic that imagined the classroom of the future, what it will need to include in order to prepare young minds for the digital-native world as we know it today.

They also created an accompanying article that explored the best techniques for teaching middle schoolers, one that were tailored to the developmental and emotional needs of kids in that age group; early adolescents experience neuroplasticity or high malleability of the brain, so they need specialized attention from educators.

The narrative was built around interviews with experts who could best speak to the science and data that drives these techniques—middle school teachers, administrators, researchers and educators who specialize in adolescent learning patterns.

In the end, Atlantic Re:think achieved their ultimate goal of creating a thoughtful, deeply reported story about middle school education that read like a piece of traditional editorial content.


Sponsored articles on

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Content Distribution and promotion efforts

The sponsored articles were distributed on and through their social media accounts.

Size of team involved

A team of nine writers, illustrators, photographers, and project managers brought this program to life.



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