The Entry Process

What Are the Key Dates for Native Advertising Awards 2018

Early Bird Deadline: April 7th, 2019
Lazy Bird Deadline: MJune 2nd, 2019
Last Chance Deadline: August 11th, 2019
August/September: Executive Judging
Late-September: Shortlist Nominees
November 11th: Winner Announcement
December: E-book Award Compilation

Submission Terms and Conditions

The Native Advertising Awards trust all entries are original and the entrant either owns the work or has permission from a client or other appropriate parties to enter the work, with all rights granted.

In case an entrant without such rights submits an entry, the entrant will not be eligible for the competition and will be disqualified.

The Native Advertising Awards is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.

Submission of any entry acknowledges the right of the Native Advertising Awards to use it for publication in any medium. If parts of your submission should not be disclosed to the public, please indicate this on the entry form by stating CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT SHARE. Such requests will be honored.

Can I Change My Entry?

Yes. Up until the final deadline on August 11th it is possible to make changes in your entry. You can do so by revisiting your entry in the awards system. Just log in with the username and password provided when you first registered.

How Can I Be Sure You Have Received My Entry?

The Awards Platform will show you a confirmation page noting your entry confirmation. You will also receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your entry.

Does the Entry Have to Be in English?

We encourage entries from all over the planet. Yet, here are a few things to consider if you are entering work in a foreign language:

Online Material (Articles/Websites/Content Hubs): If there is an English version of your campaign we encourage you to enter that. All foreign language online material that are reviewed by an English speaking judge will be translated using Google Translate.

Video Material: Please dub or subtitle any video content so it entails an English translation.

General Entry Recommendations: If you are entering non-English work we encourage you to translate or explain your work in English in your brief.

Social Media Channels: If there is an English version of your social account or campaign we encourage you to enter that. All foreign language Social entries that are reviewed by an English speaking judge will be translated using Google Translate.

Mobile Sites, Apps & Games: If there is an English version of your mobile Website, App or Gamification initiative we encourage you to enter that.

Podcasts: If you are entering non-English work, we encourage you to translate or subtitle your work in English or add a transcript.

What Should My Entry Entail?

Here are the entry essentials that have to be included in your entry as a bare minimum:

– all sections of the entry formula have to be filled and if possible, a video or pdf showreel should be included in the entry.

– supporting material should not surpass 5 MB if it is sent as an attachment.

– Web-based material and video content on Youtube / Vimeo is preferred instead of video attachments (this is often easier for the jury to access, rather than major download files)

How Can I Pay for My Entry?

The Native Advertising Awards offer two payment options:

– Paypal Express. This gives you the option of paying directly after submitting your entry.

– CreditCard. We accept the following cards:

IMPORTANT: All payments should be made in Euro and not in your local currency. When paying by bank transfer, please state invoice no. and company name.

Can I Withdraw My Entry? and What About a Refund?

You can withdraw your entry at any time by emailing Stine Holmgaard at sh@native-institute.com.

No refunds will be made once a submission is complete.

A submission that fails to meet the specifications will not be eligible for judging and will be excluded without notice. No refunds will be made.


Can I Enter More Than One Category?

Of course you can. You can enter as many categories as you like or deem appropriate. Your entry will be judged separately for each category.

It is not uncommon that great native advertising work is acknowledged in more than one category.


How Is the Jury Curated?

The jury is curated across nations and continents and counts relevant professional qualifications and skill set. Jury members are chosen on the basis of their experience in the field of native advertising. Jury members from agencies, studios, vendors, and platforms are not eligible for judging in categories where entries from their own work have been submitted. This rule will be honored at all times.

What Does the Judging Process Look Like?

1. Judges score each entry within each category based on outlined criteria.

2. All jury scores are combined to create an overall score for each entry.

3. The scores are then totalled and the highest scoring entries will determine the shortlist.

4. Judges meet to discuss the highest scoring entries and then agree on the category winner.

Can I Get the Ratings and Comments for My Entry

The Native Advertising Awards do not offer individual comments to its entrants.

What Are the Judging Criteria?

The jury will be looking for campaigns and companies that have demonstrated success and excelled with native advertising activities over the past 12 months. Entries should relate to work conducted from July 2018 – July 2019.

We kindly advise you to provide clear evidence to support and prove your success. This includes clear metrics around KPI’s, creative assets and links to your work that may help demonstrate the quality of your entry.

Your entry will be scored based on the following criteria:

– Innovation
– Strategic Excellence
– Creativity
– Consumer Relevancy and Value
– ROI related to KPI’s

Winning a Native Advertising Award

How Are the Winners Selected?

For each category, the jury will select three (3) Nominees that represent the three best in the category.

Out of the Nominees, the jury will aim at finding gold, silver and bronze winners in all categories.

HOWEVER, since we strive to acknowledge the very best native advertising work and honor entries at a high level it is not a given that a gold, silver and bronze winners are picked in each category.

Entries that are not chosen as gold, silver og bronze winners, but are notable in their achievement, may be recognized as an ‘Commended’ nominee by the jury. There may be multiple entries (or no entries) in each category designated ‘Commended’. We reserve the right to honor less than three nominees in any category should the quality of work not meet standards set by the judging criteria.

Can I Buy Additonal Native Advertising Awards Statuettes or Framed Diplomas for Members of My Team, Clients, Partners and Others If I Win?

Yes. Additional awards, certificates, and merchandise can be purchased. Please contact hello@native-institute.com for more information.

Each statuette is custom produced. We produce statuettes and diplomas in the order that the order is received. Typically, statuettes will be shipped to you approximately four weeks from the date that we received your order.
Last date for ordering additional award statuettes is December 8th, 2019.

Is There an Event that We Have to Attend To Receive Our Award?

Traditionally, Native Advertising Awards Winners are honored at the annual Native Advertising DAYS conference held in November. The 3rd Annual Native Advertising Awards were held in November, 2018 at the H4 Hotel in Berlin, Germany. Winners do NOT need to attend to receive their awards, although many do attend the Native Advertising DAYS which is considered THE conference for the native advertising industry.

You will need to purchase a conference pass for the Native Advertising DAYS in order to be allowed access to the on-site award ceremony.

What Kind of Mentioning/Branding Am I Guaranteed If I Win an Award?

All shortlisted entrants receive a Nominee Badge that can be used on own marketing and media activities. If you end up winning an award, you will additionally receive a Winner Badge.

The NAI prepares a general press release announcing the shortlist and later the winners. This can be modified by nominees and winners and used to support publicity of your great achievements

All Gold Winners will receive one (1) award statuette and one (1) diploma. Additional statuettes and diplomas can be purchased.

All Silver, Bronze and Commended Nominees will receive one (1) diploma. Additional diplomas can be purchased.

A list of all Winners will be published on the Native Advertising Awards website.

Additionally, all winners will be honored on the Native Advertising Institute’s owned media channels.

Ultimo 2019, an ebook compilation containing case stories of the best native advertising examples from the Native Advertising Awards will be published on the Native Advertising Institute Media.

Sponsor Opportunities

How Can I Sponsor the Native Advertising Awards?

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or please contact Stine Holmgaard, COO & Head of Events at sh@native-institute.com.

Can I Rent or Buy the List of Native Advertising Awards Entrants or Winners?